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Small First Aid Kits

Why choose a small first aid kit?

We have a variety of small first aid kits in compact travel size pouches which can fit comfortably into your backpack, the glove box of your car or attached to your belt. If you want to be prepared in the case of a minor incident these first aid kits are perfect to store in your home, farm, office or vehicle ready for any indoor or outdoor activities. Our first aid kits are ideal for a daytime boating expedition, an overnight hiking trip into the wilderness or to keep in your workplace.

You can choose from a general purpose kit, a utility kit which is great for mobile travel, or snake bite kits which include an ID card that helps you quickly identify poisonous snakes to better treat the bites or shock until further help arrives.

What fits into a small first aid kit?

Depending on the kit suited to your requirements, a first aid kit may contain your most common supplies such as bandages, dressings options, safety pins, face shields, disposable bags, scissors, gloves, splinter probes, wound wipes, eye pads, saline and even a whistle for attention. Our first aid kits are all fitted with an instruction pamphlet to guide you in the case of an emergency situation until more assistance is able to reach you.

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