Western Australian Assistance & Therapy Dogs (WAAT Dogs) is a not for profit organisation providing empowerment, support, training and advice for those requiring assistance dogs and therapy dogs in Western Australia.


Why Support WAAT Dogs?

We became aware of Western Australian Assistance and Therapy Dogs (WAAT Dogs) when researching Assistance Dogs for our 6 year old daughter. Our daughter is our lovely Special Edition with medical complications and mobility issues. We loved the idea of her getting a Mobility Assistance Dog to replace her walker so that she could run on the grass and climb on the playground equipment without needing an adult along.

After much research and emailing, it quickly became apparent that it is next to impossible to receive a Mobility Assistance Dog fully funded in any way. NDIS doesn’t appear to believe in the validity of them, and other Assistance Dog organisations focus on Guide Dogs and Autism dogs. If you are lucky enough to find one that does do Mobility Assistance, the waitlist is at least two years and often still cost $20,000.

Then we found Kay at WAAT Dogs. Kay is AMAZING. She is a qualified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor and an Independent Public Access Test Assessor with the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries. The most important things to us though is that Kay works with us so that we can owner-train our own dog!  You can see more information about WAAT Dogs here: https://waatdogs.org.au/about-waatdogs/

Our journey so far

We set about finding a puppy. We wanted something BIG and STOCKY so got ourselves a Chocolate Labrador and named him Moose.

I started taking Moose to Assistance Dog classes with Kay, which involved drinking a lot of coffee while waiting for Moose to fall asleep in the middle of a coffee shop 😊

Moose comes everywhere with us now. He’s not sure about the horses at our daughter's hippotherapy class, but he’s a good boy and doesn’t bark.

Any donations made to WAAT Dogs through our family business will not go directly towards our Moose’s training, but toward WAAT Dogs themselves to help Kay provide her services to whoever needs them.

We really appreciate any donations made.