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Ultimate Module First Aid Kit: the right kit for you

By May 19, 2021May 20th, 2021No Comments

When the need calls for an innovative workplace first aid kit...

When you are in need of a workplace first aid kit that covers all the bases and is easy to use, First Aid Works has the right kit for you – Ultimate Module First Aid Kit.

The Ultimate Module First Aid Kit

What sets this kit apart from the others is the innovative and practical modular system, designed to cover a wide variety of applications and requirements.

This kit meets or exceeds the requirements in the
'First Aid in The Workplace, National Code of Practice - July 2019'

4 Module System

Each Ultimate Module features a 4 Module system with the following modules:

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First aid that works

Ideal for Medium Workplaces, our workplace guide suggests its suitability for Low Risk Workplaces up to 25 staff and High Risk Workplaces with up to 10 staff.

It is also suitable for Work & Trade Vehicles, 4WD Vehicles, Fishing & Boating, Caravanning & Camping.

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This first aid kit meets or exceeds the guidelines set out in the ‘First Aid in the Workplace National Code of Practice – July 2019’.

  • Hard Case toolbox option is wall mountable with supplied removable wall mount bracket
  • Soft Case features reflective strip and piping for increased visibility
  • Comprehensive maintenance checklist
  • Great for workplaces or vehicle, boat or caravan touring
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