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Top 5 Safety Products in 2019

By January 14, 2019No Comments

Top 5 Safety Products in 2019

Our summer has finally arrived and this means more of us will be spending our time enjoying the great outdoors.

Australia provides the perfect climate for vast activities along our sandy coastlines or amongst our remote outback. We all know these activities come with a risk of exposure to harmful UV rays which can lead to skin damage and even skin cancers.

Let us tell you about our top 5 products and the advantage of including these in your outdoor experience.

Sun Protection Hats

Growing up in Australia, you have probably heard the saying to slip, slop, slap. This message has been ingrained in our psyche on the importance of slapping on a hat when outside. Inside Out Safety has a range of sun protection hats with all the features to keep your face, ears and neck covered. Our hats provide you with style options such as wide brims, netting, ventilation or neck flaps to suit your lifestyle or application. We have a wide selection to choose from including kids hats, womens hats and mens hats.

Safety Sunglasses

There is no doubt that there is any better protection for your eyes than wearing sunglasses. The risks of eye damage increase when sunlight reflects off water or white sand and the damage will continue over our lifetime as we spend more of our time outdoors. We stock a range of sunglasses that comply with Australian Standards to keep your eyes protected. Depending on your preference or activity you can choose a pair of sunglasses that provide extras such as anti-fog, peripheral vision capabilities, removable foam inserts and head straps.

Stainless Steel Drink Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated during our summer heat is vital and having a drink bottle on hand reduces the risks of dehydration whilst supplementing your body with any lost liquid from sweat. Our drink bottle options include neoprene insulated pouches, adjustable straps for easy transport with belt loops or clips, food grade stainless steel options that help keep your liquids cold for up to 18 hours and wide mouths to accommodate ice cubes on those extra hot days.

Snake Bite First Aid Kit

It is no secret that our Aussie outback is worldwide famous for its dangerous critters and some of the most toxic snake bites. For this purpose Inside Out Safety have specially designed a snake bite first aid kit to assist you in promptly treating any snake bite and aftershock until further help arrives. The kit includes treatment instructions and you can choose from a small kit or larger kit which is ideal for more remote destinations. Whether you are a recreational hiker or a farmer these kits may save your life.


We have all experienced the frustration in either your snorkelling mask fogging up whilst trying to appreciate the underwater life, or your sunglass vision becomes blurred as the fog builds up during a sporting activity. This is where a fog-off stick comes in handy and helps you engage in your land or underwater fun without the disturbance of fog!

Prevention is key, and Inside Out Safety take great pride in providing you with these sun protection products to keep you, your family and co-workers safe and worry-free this summer.

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