Wilderness Gloves
by Wolf + Grizzly


From the bush to the beach – designed for the outdoors to protect your hands from blisters, scratches, cuts and rope burn.


Best Leather Camping Gloves in Australia

As any Australian outdoor enthusiast knows, preparing for a trip involves more than just packing the right gear; you also need to ensure you have the right clothing to protect you from the elements. A quality pair of leather Wilderness Gloves are an essential item for those who want additional dexterity and comfort while camping, hiking, fishing, or practising bushcraft.

Whether preparing firewood for your Fire Safe fire pit or setting up your tent, leather gloves will help keep your hands safe from scrapes and scratches. When you cast your line out in the early morning, your Wilderness Gloves will keep your hands warm so you can reel in quickly. For those who like to adventure in the far outback, the double-stitched fingers and reinforced palms of the Wilderness Gloves will provide you with a better grip.

Wolf and Grizzly’s Wilderness Gloves are durable and long-lasting. With proper care, your pair of leather gloves can last for many years, which is perfect for the Australian outdoor lifestyle. Wilderness Gloves are made with premium material and crafted to have all the simple and reliable features you need in an outdoor glove.

  • Easy to Wear – These premium leather outdoor gloves will only get better with age.
  • Ultra Comfortable – Comfy enough for everyday use and tough enough to resist abrasions, splinters, and blisters. The supple premium leather provides ample dexterity and grip in all conditions.
  • Hard Wearing – The double-stitched, reinforced palms and fingers protect key areas from wear and tear and improve your grip on heavy items.
  • Water Resistant – Wilderness Gloves come pre-treated with odourless fish oil that gives a protective, water-resistant finish. Treat your gloves regularly, and they will protect you for decades.
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Wilderness Gloves Specifications

Wolf and Grizzly believe that all equipment should be functional and comfortable. Wolf and Grizzly products prioritise simplicity, long-lasting performance, and material durability. The tough Wilderness Gloves follow these Wolf and Grizzly principles in their design and manufacture:

  • Glove material made from Grade C North American steer leather.
  • The 38mm carabiner is lightweight aluminium.
  • The D-ring is tough 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • 3-Year Limited Guarantee: If any defects fundamentally impact the functionality of the item within the first three years of reasonable use, we will replace it free of charge.

Sizing Guide

  • Small: Height 212mm, Circumference 177-202mm
  • Medium: Height 221mm, Circumference 203-229mm
  • Large: 244mm, Circumference 230-254mm
  • Extra Large: Height 267mm, Circumference 255-279mm

Height – measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your palm where it meets the wrist

Circumference – wrap a measuring tape around your hand just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb) and make a fist

Outdoor Leather Gloves for any Weather

Leather has been an ideal material for gloves for hundreds of years, offering sturdy protection and natural comfort. Wolf and Grizzly chose North American steer leather for the Wilderness Gloves due to its premium reliability. 

Why use gloves for camping? If you have never used a pair of leather gloves while camping, you may wonder what the benefits are. Wilderness Gloves improve your outdoor experience by:

  • Increasing grip strength – Handy for assembling camping equipment or using tools.
  • Protecting against scrapes – great when collecting firewood or moving objects like large rocks.
  • Protecting against UV rays – Ideal for extended activities like hiking, fishing, and crafting.
  • Keeping hands dry – Good for handling equipment, such as Cook Sets, in light rain conditions. 
  • Keeping hands warm – Perfect for early mornings and cool evenings.

Wilderness Gloves will be comfortable every season, helping you adventure and camp all year round.

Why Choose Leather Campfire Gloves

How do you choose between leather or polyester gloves? While polyester gloves are suitable for specialist applications, leather gloves have superior strength and are more beneficial for all-around use. 

The tensile strength of leather means it is much harder to tear than other synthetic fabrics and materials. Leather Wilderness Gloves will tolerate years of rough work and resist sharp impacts, protecting your hands with every use. 

Leather gloves don’t use micro-plastics and other synthetic materials that are damaging to the environment when they break down. As a natural material, leather will last longer than synthetic, making it more sustainable in the long term. Choosing a water-resistant, leather outdoor glove means choosing a glove that can give you years of use.

Leather outdoor gloves will fit perfectly, thanks to supple properties gained during the tanning process. After a bit of wear, your leather Wilderness Gloves will feel like a second skin to the point you may forget you are wearing them. 

Heat resistance is another property of high-quality leather. While leather is NOT fireproof, the leather Wilderness Gloves have a high burn tolerance, which will protect your hands if you accidentally touch something hot. However, Wilderness Gloves should not be used in place of fireproof gloves or to purposefully handle hot materials. 

Water Resistant Bushcraft Gloves

Exploring, camping, and surviving off the grid requires expert knowledge and quality gear that will not fail you. Australians keen on bushcraft know gloves are as important as boots when it comes to wild camping. Proper bushcraft gloves will assist in completing all your rugged outdoor tasks.

The Wilderness Gloves by Wolf and Grizzly were designed for remote camping and bushcraft. By prioritising tough protection and flexibility, the Wilderness Gloves maximise your bushcraft dexterity in the elements. Double stitching reinforcement on the fingers and palms means increased resistance to tears and long-term wear. 

The best gloves for bushcraft will fit perfectly to prevent the unwanted rubbing and blisters that can be a significant hindrance when you have tasks to finish. Leather is the best bushcraft glove material for a perfect fit with flexibility and strength. The Wilderness Gloves use high-grade leather treated with fish oil for an additional layer of protection. 

As experienced adventurers, the designers at Wolf and Grizzly had the foresight to add a reinforced steel D-ring with an aluminium carabiner to the Wilderness Gloves, allowing the pair to be clipped together on your belt or swag. This additional accessory helps ensure your bushcraft gloves are never lost or left behind. 

The Wilderness Gloves are a very affordable investment if you want high-quality, lightweight leather bushcraft gloves that will give you years of reliable service. 

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