Swiss Soldier’s
Pocket Knife 08
by Victorinox


Victorinox pocket knives have been carried by Swiss soldiers for over a century

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Victorinox pocket knives have been carried by Swiss soldiers for over a century.

And the most recent generation is even stronger, lighter, and more practical than the previous one. The Swiss Soldier’s Pocket Knife 08 is a 111 millimetre pocket knife that can easily withstand whatever you throw at it thanks to its 10 functions and grippy two-component scales.

Here’s to the next hundred years!


  • The essential companion for sawing wood or stripping wire in the outdoors
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 10 functions and two-component scales for outstanding grip\
  • Includes a large blade for one hand with 2/3 wavy edge


Blade – One handed opening with 2/3 wavy edge

Phillips Screwdriver – Tighten and loosen Phillips head screws

Small Screwdriver – Tighten and loosen small flat head screws

Screwdriver – Tighten and loosen larger flat head screws

Lockable Bottle opener – Knock the top off of your favourite beverage

Can Opener – Open up dinner around the campsite

Wire Stripper – Strips wires. Boom.

Wood Saw – Easily knock up some kindling for your next campfire

Reamer/Punch – Punch & clear holes

Key Ring – Keep this useful tool close


Height: 1.8 cm
Weight: 131 g
Length: 11.1 cm


Scale Material: Two Component Scales


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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 cm

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