PrimeTech Stove Set 2.3Lt
by Primus


For the adventurers that value performance above everything else, the PrimeTech Stove Set is efficient, consistent and portable

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For the adventurers that value performance above everything else, the PrimeTech Stove Set is efficient, consistent and portable.

Thanks to the PrimeTech pan’s integrated heat exchanger, together with the effective wind guard and the optimised burner, this stove has a fuel consumption of approximately half that of traditional camping stoves. The valve of the gas also has a regulator which gives a steady effect and improves the performance when the gas container is starting to run out at the end of a hike or gets cold in the winter. This way, the fuel consumption will be optimised throughout the life of the container. The only thing you have to do is turn the valve twice more before it starts. In addition, the valve has good fine-tuning, making cooking more precise and much nicer. The burner is also very quiet in comparison to other gas stoves.

The burner is integrated in the wind guard, resulting in a stable camping stove that is very easy to use. In three simple steps, the stove is ready for cooking: remove the wind guard from the pan, connect the gas and light up the stove! When you are packing up camp you should pack all the parts together in the pan and it will become a compact, rattle-free unit.

The PrimeTech Stove Set comes with two 2.3 litre pans, one of which has a heat exchanger. Lid in transparent Tritan® with integrated strainer and heat-resistant silicone handle, making it easier to pour pasta water, etc. The clever tongs are as steady as a fixed handle and as flexible as traditional tongs; they can lock to the pan for easy and secure handling. Gas is not included.


  • Wind guard with integrated burner
  • Perfect for long hikes, skiing trips and other outdoor activities
  • Regulator for fine tuning and enhanced performance
  • Lid with integrated strainer and handle made of heat-resistant silicone
  • A PrimeTech pot with integrated heat exchanger and non-stick coating
  • Quick cooking time and low fuel consumption
  • Anodised aluminum pot with pressed volumetric indicators
  • Self-locking tongs
  • Enough for 2-4 people
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Lid with strainer
  • Adjustable pot supports compatible with most pots and pans available on the market


  • Weight: 870g
  • Volume: 2.3L
  • Height: 135mm
  • 7000 BTU output

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