Long Handle Wok
by Barebones Living


A versatile and portable addition to your camping or cooking collection

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Barebones Living’ Long Handle Wok, inspired by a traditional wok, enhances your cooking repertoire whether you’re cooking in the home or in the great outdoors. The hand-blued finish on the heavy-duty 12″ rolled steel bowl prevents rust and corrosion over time. The extra-long 46cm sturdy wood handle gives increased comfort and safety when used over an open fire. A well-placed stainless steel and copper band shields the wooden handle from open flames while providing a touch of class.

Do you need to multitask? The hand-blued steel ring base allows you to leave the wok in a perfect cooking position without having to constantly grip the handle. When you finish preparing your meal, place it on the gas range or over a fire. Briquettes can also be placed inside the ring to create a portable grill. A versatile and portable addition to your camping or cooking collection.


  • Cook safely over a variety of heat sources: wood, charcoal, or gas stovetop
  • 12″ rolled steel bowl with hand-blued finish
  • 18″ durable walnut handle
  • Stainless-steel band with copper finish
  • Included hand-blued ring base for use in fire or as a stand for prep
  • Included hanging loop on handle

Items Included:
1 Long Handle Wok
1 Ring Base


Wok (Assembled)
Length: 74.9cm
Bowl Diameter: 30cm
Weight: 1.5kg

Height: 5.1cm
Diameter: 24cm
Weight: 227 grams


Store in a cool, dry place when not in use. Wipe down after use to prevent rust.

Additional information

Dimensions 75 × 30 × 30 cm

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