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Black Duck SeatCovers

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The Best Seat Covers for the Ford Escape are Black Duck

Protecting the interior of your Ford Escape is easy when you install the right seat covers. Many Australian Ford owners love the Ford Escape’s adaptability – it’s the comfortable daily drive, the weekend adventurer, the family errand runner, and the reliable SUV. The seat covers you pick for the Ford Escape need to be adaptable too. 

The best seat cover for the Ford Escape will provide you with comfort while handling anything you put on them! Black Duck seat covers can easily deal with sandy beach gear, pet claws and wet fur, and dirty tools that you use in your business. When you need the highest quality seat protection, Black Duck seat covers are your best choice.

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How do you Choose Seat Covers for the Ford Escape?

When asking yourself, “Where to buy Ford Escape seat covers?” The answer is Inside Out Safety! Custom seat covers for the Ford Escape are Black Duck’s speciality. Buying seat covers that have been custom made to fit your Ford Escape’s exact layout will give your interior the best long-term protection. 

Black Duck has every Ford Escape series covered. With designs for the interiors of the Escape BA and ZA from 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. Along with seat covers for the Escape Ambiente and Trend from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. And fitted seat covers for the Escape Titanium from 2015 to 2020. Choosing a customised seat cover design will ensure your Escape’s driver buckets, benches, airbags, and consoles are all appropriately fitted with the best protection.

What Seat Cover Material Offers the Best Protection?

Picking the right custom seat cover material for your Ford Escape is an important decision. Ask yourself, “are Canvas seat covers better?” or “are Composite seat covers better?”. It depends on whether you want the toughest protection or more comfort and convenience. You can’t go wrong either way – Black Duck has spent years crafting the best seat cover materials for you! 


Black Duck Canvas is Australian Military Grade heavy-duty material, trusted by Australian drivers since 1988. Canvas material offers durability against tears and heavy wear, and it provides resistance to water, rot, and UV damage. Black Duck’s Canvas seat covers are designed to be easily wiped down/vacuumed when dirty or removed and hosed to get rid of larger spills. If you want the toughest protection out there, Canvas is the material for you!

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Black Duck 4ElementⓇ is made using a 19.2oz Cotton Twill Composite material to provide comfort, flexibility, and quality protection. This material was developed by Black Duck to be waterproof, machine washable, UV resistant, and hard-wearing. If you want convenience and comfort during those long, hot drives while not compromising on protection, Black Duck’s 4ElementⓇ is what you should order!

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Black Duck Ford Escape Seat Cover Features

When you fit your Ford Escape with Black Duck Seat Covers, you are getting all of these features: 

  • Compatibility with airbags, benches, and consoles
  • Covers that are designed and manufactured IN Australia FOR Australia
  • Easy to install, and remove and clean 
  • Maximum protection to maintain the value of your vehicle
  • Suitable for Leather Seats
  • Ideal for recreational use, commercial use, family, and pets
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Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg

Fabric: 4Elements

  • 100% Waterproof material
  • Hard wearing protection without compromising on comfort
  • Machine washable and UV resistant
  • 19.2 oz Cotton Twill Composite
  • Exclusive to Black Duck

Colour Options:



Fabric: Canvas

  • 24+ hour Water Resistance
  • Ultra heavy-duty protection – tried and tested
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • UV resistant
  • 14.9 oz military grade canvas

Colour Options:




Photo's in use

Due to the simply massive number of vehicle options available, we do not have photo’s Black Duck SeatCovers on every vehicle type. We hope that the images below will help you to choose Black Duck SeatCovers for your vehicle.

Care & Cleaning


  • Gentle, cold machine wash (<30C)
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Ensure the seat covers are fully dry before placing on vehicle seats

DO NOT tumble dry DO NOT dry clean DO NOT use detergent DO NOT use bleach DO NOT iron


  • Vacuum to remove any dust or dirt
  • Wipe with a cold, damp cloth
  • If heavily soiled, remove covers from seats and use a low-pressure hose with cold water. Lie flat to dry
  • Ensure the seat covers are fully dry before placing on vehicle seats

DO NOT machine wash DO NOT dry clean DO NOT tumble dry DO NOT use detergent DO NOT iron

Fitting Instructions

To start

We recommend unpacking each seat separately to avoid mixing up the driver, passenger and rear seat parts. Remove the covers from the packaging and lay them out to check that you have all the correct parts.

You should have:

  • Seat base
  • Backrest (sometimes base and back are attached)
  • Headrest
  • Armrest (if applicable)
  • Each piece is identified on the inside with a white label. On the Driver and Passenger seat label, there will be a ‘DR’ to indicate Driver and a ‘PA’ to indicate Passenger. If you have seat fitted air-bags, the teal AIRBAG label will go on the outside/window side of the seat
  • Vacuum your original seats and remove anything from the seat pockets.

Fitting the seat base:

  1. Slide the cover over the seat base, ensuring it is clear from any levers and buttons, line up the seams of the cover to the seams of the seat and massage into place
  2. Once the cover is in line with the seams of the seat, push the centre flap through the seat base until you can see it pop out the back of your seat. (In some models you may need to detach the carpet on the back of your seat to allow access)
  3. Pull the side flaps around and attach to the centre flap. Check to make sure none of the seat’s levers and buttons is obstructed
  4. If included in the seat cover design, pull straps under the seat, clearing all tracks and fittings. Pull tight and fasten to the opposite side – test movement of seat to ensure nothing is obstructed
  5. Seat base fitting complete

Fitting the backrest:

  1. Remove headrest (if applicable)
  2. Slide cover over the top (like a jumper), make sure the back of the cover does not catch in the pocket on the back
  3. Line up the seams of the cover to the seams of the seat and massage into place
  4. Push the flap through the base of the seat, just like you did with the base
  5. Pull through tight and attach to the back of the seat
  6. Slide the headrest cover over the headrest with the label on the front and secure the flaps. This is designed to be a tight fit so make sure you have the seams lined up
  7. Replace the headrest.
  8. Backrest fitting complete

Repeat this process for the passenger seat and rear seats.

Once you have had your covers for a couple of weeks, we advise that you re-tension them as they will mould to the shape of your seat over time. This will leave you with the best fit possible.


Only Black Duck SeatCovers that are labelled as being air-bag compatible are to be fitted to vehicles with seat fitted air-bags. Black Duck SeatCovers must not be fitted to seats containing side-impact airbag components unless they are the correct seat covers with the appropriate certification. Black Duck SeatCovers accepts no responsibility or liability if this warning is not adhered to.