Ear Kaddy (Pack of 10)


Flexible and lightweight solution for long term comfortable wear of face masks

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  • The Ear Kaddy strap by Glove Guard allows long term wear of face masks without discomfort
  • Your face mask is secured by the strap so that your ears are relieved of pressure
  • Design features 5 hook positions allowing for comfortable wear for all head shapes and sizes, with hair up, hair down, hard hats, glasses, you name it!
  • Lightweight and flexible to curve to your head while securing your face mask
  • Can be cleaned with standard disinfectants allowing the strap to be reused over and over again
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Ideal for Oil and Gas, Medical and Health, Food Industries, Manufacturing and everyday use
  • Come in a pack of 10 Ear Kaddy straps
  • Pack does not include face masks

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