Cook System
by Wolf + Grizzly


The complete Wolf + Grizzly campfire cooking kit, featuring a cookware set, fire pit, grill and ferro rod.

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Fire Safe |by Wolf + Grizzly

Keep your campfires contained with this portable stainless steel fire pit


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Grill Kit |by Wolf + Grizzly

A highly portable and lightweight grill kit from Wolf + Grizzly that includes a nested ferro rod to get the fire started, fast.


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Cook Set |by Wolf + Grizzly

This 9-piece cooking multi-kit is designed for use with the Wolf + Grizzly Grill to cook directly over the campfire.


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The Collapsible Camping Cooking Set

The Cook System is the ultimate outdoor camping product from Wolf and Grizzly. Combining Wolf and Grizzly’s best-selling campfire products, the Fire Safe pit, portable Grill, and comprehensive Cook Set, this convenient bundle has been crafted for outdoor enthusiasts to save time and space on every adventure.

Durable, convenient, and adaptable. The Cook System kit is made of high-quality materials to endure extreme campfire temperatures and use in the outback elements. Plus, every part of this campfire cooking kit is easy to set up and use.

Enjoy the flexibility of owning a collapsible fire pit and grill that you can use separately or together. Want to get warmed up quickly with an elevated fire? Grab your Fire Safe pit and light some charcoal.

Has your mate already got a beautiful traditional fire going? Unfold your Grill and get cooking right over the flames.

Want to boil rice while grilling meat? Set up your Cook Set pot and hibachi grill plate to cook both simultaneously.

The Cook System is a great value deal that will last a lifetime of adventure. By buying this bundle set, you will save money when compared to buying each component individually. Whether you are an experienced camper or just getting started, the Wolf and Grizzly Cook System is the perfect investment for all your campfire needs.

  • Easy Assembly – Sets up quickly and easily. No complicated assembly is required.
  • The Foundation – Grill is the base of the Cook System. A portable, foldable frame with a grill surface for traditional barbecuing. Insert the innovative rail system and transform Grill into a stable cooking platform.
  • The Kitchen – Mix and match cookware for maximum versatility. The possibilities are endless: pancakes, stir fry, pasta, soups, and stews. Place the griddle under the hibachi as a grease-catcher for bacon, or use the hibachi as a steamer for seafood when placed on top of the 2L Pot.
  • The Fire – Get the fire started with Fire Set, a 100% ferrocerium rod that delivers consistent sparks at all altitudes and even in wet conditions. House your campfire in Fire Safe, a two-part, portable fire pit that pairs perfectly with Grill. Use it with wood or charcoal.


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Cook System Specifications

Wolf and Grizzly believe that all tools should be as functional as they are beautiful. Wolf and Grizzly products prioritise simplicity, long-lasting performance, and material durability. The Cook System follows Wolf and Grizzly principles with all system components.

Grill Specifications

  • Grill is made of 304 Stainless Steel, ensuring safety of use, even at high temperatures, and will age beautifully over time.
  • Fire Set is made of ferrocerium, knife-grade steel, nylon, and jute.
  • Weight: 1.06 kg
  • Grill Cooking Surface Dimensions: 29cm x 28cm
  • Weight Capacity: 13.60 kg

Fire Safe Specifications

  • The frame and insert are made of 304 Stainless Steel, ensuring safety of use, even at high temperatures, and it will age beautifully over time.
  • Weight: 0.91 kg
  • Dimensions: 29cm x 28cm
  • Weight Capacity: 13.60 kg

Cook Set Specifications


  • The cooking equipment is made of 304 Stainless Steel, ensuring safety of use, even at high temperatures, and will age beautifully over time.
  • The chopping board is made from bamboo, an earth-friendly material that is durable and resistant to bacteria.
  • The storage bag is made from recycled nylon, and the microfiber cloth is made from polyester.
  • Weight: 1.86 kg

Cooking Surface Dimensions:

  • Hibachi: 140mm W x 348mm L x 18mm D
  • Griddle: 140mm W x 348mm L x 24mm D
  • 2L Pot: 140mm W x 348mm L x 66mm D

All Campfire Cooking System Accessories Included

The Cook System contains four Wolf and Grizzly sets:

  • Grill – The 8-inch mode, 6-inch mode, and flat mode provide ample height options for grilling in every environment.
  • Fire Safe – Features a stability bar to maintain weight-bearing integrity and toggles that easily attach to the frame.
  • Fire Set – Features a 100% ferrocerium rod, knife grade striker, and a custom paracord that houses a string of emergency dried jute tinder.
  • Cook Set – Mix and match cookware for maximum versatility.

The Best Camping Cooking Gear in Australia

Whether camping, fishing, hiking, or 4WDing, lugging around bulky gear can be exhausting. When enjoying the great Australian outdoors, you want tools and equipment that keep that easy-going mood flowing.

That’s where Wolf and Grizzly come in with their Cook System to help you make a great campfire and cook your outdoor meals with ease. Forget the big pots, pans, stoves, propane bottles, and butane cartridges. All you need is the sleek and compact Cook System.

The Cook System takes up less space than your tackle box and weighs under five kilograms when packed up. Enjoy setting up your campfire cooking station at the beach, river, or campground. Clean easily and pack away without worrying about complex disassembly. Simply unlock and fold away.

The Cook System is the set you want to take on every trip.

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Advantages of Eco Friendly Camping Products

Wolf and Grizzly have designed each component of the Cook System with the environment in mind. Investing in environmentally friendly and sustainable camping products is a great way to reduce your footprint on the environment while exploring.

What makes a product eco-friendly? Environmentally friendly products must do no damage to the environment or successfully minimise their impact.

The elevated fire pit included in the Cook System collection drastically reduces the impact of your campfire on the environment. The Fire Safe pit was designed based on the philosophy of leaving no trace.

Unlike traditional campfires, the elevated frame and base of the Fire Safe keep embers contained and leave no scorching on the ground. If used and packed away correctly, it will seem like your Cook System was never even there.

What makes a product sustainable? The quick answer is reusability. Sustainable products should be high quality, made for long-term use, and should not contribute to landfill by being thrown away after a short time.

With proper care, your Wolf and Grizzly equipment can last a generation. The Fire Safe pit, Grill, and Cook Set are all made of stainless steel, which can withstand high temperatures and will age with a lovely patina.

Additionally, all Wolf and Grizzly kits assemble using an interlocking design system. This interlocking system allows all gear to be compactly stored, reducing the likelihood of component failure.

Using eco-friendly camping equipment helps reduce environmental impact and ensures that future generations can enjoy the outdoors.

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Full Component List

  • Foldable Base – The stainless steel frame quickly unfolds and works by elevating the corrugated insert off the ground.
  • Corrugated Insert – The stainless steel corrugated insert unfolds to form the base that holds your fire. The troughs allow you to use as little or as much fuel as you need.
  • Fire Safe Carrying Case – Made of recycled polyester, the case includes a pocket for the Fire Safe frame and insert, plus extra space for tinder, fuel, or a fire starter.
  • Foldable Grill Frame – Made from premium stainless steel, the frame packs down small for ultimate portability.
  • Rollable Grill Surface – Features a stability bar to maintain weight-bearing integrity and toggles that easily attach to the frame.
  • Grill Cleaning Tool – Easily scrape any food remnants from your Grill with this compact tool.
  • Compact Allen Key – Tighten the corner bolts after use to easily maintain your Grill over time.
  • 2 Microfibre Cloths – When used with water, microfiber cloths remove grease and dirt without harmful chemicals.
  • Grill Carrying Case – Made from recycled polyester, this case efficiently contains your entire grilling kit – grab it and go!
  • Fire Set – Features a 100% ferrocerium rod, knife grade striker, and a custom paracord that houses a string of emergency dried jute tinder.
  • Cook Set Storage Bag – The recycled nylon storage bag conveniently houses your entire 9-piece cooking kit to maximise space in your gear pack.
  • 2Lt Pot – This lightweight cooking pot can be used as a water boiler for simple bush meals or as a vessel for more robust one-pot dinners.
  • 2Lt Pot Lid – Use the Pot Lid to boil water faster or for recipes where you want to retain the moisture.
  • Griddle – A shallow and flat cooking surface ideal for flipping foods such as eggs, pancakes, or burgers.
  • Hibachi – Get professional-looking grill marks on your meat and vegetables using this small, portable barbecue grill.
  • Cutting Board – Easily prep your ingredients outdoors with the bamboo
  • Cutting Board. It’s dense enough to resist knife scarring and is water & bacteria-resistant.
  • Rail System – The Rail System has been custom designed to fit perfectly onto your Wolf + Grizzly Grill.
  • Pot Gripper – Protects hands and fingers from getting hurt by hot pots & pans. Clamp onto the cookware and remove it from the heat source.


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Additional information

Fire Safe |by Wolf + Grizzly

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 33 cm

Grill Kit |by Wolf + Grizzly

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 32 cm

Cook Set |by Wolf + Grizzly

Weight 2.05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 36 cm

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