Cook Set
by Wolf + Grizzly


This 9-piece cooking multi-kit is designed for use with the Wolf + Grizzly Grill to cook directly over the campfire.

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This 9-piece cooking multi-kit is designed for use with the Wolf + Grizzly Grill to cook directly over the campfire.


  • Pair with your Wolf + Grizzly Grill – Sets up quickly and easily, no complicated assembly required
  • Multiple Cooking Surfaces – Mix and match cookware for maximum versatility. Pancakes, stir fry, pasta, soups and stews – the possibilities are endless. Place the griddle under the hibachi as a grease-catcher for bacon or use the hibachi as a steamer for seafood when placed on top of the 2L Pot.
  • Stable Grilling System – Connect the custom Rail System to the WG Grill frame and insert the cookware. Use the Pot Gripper to move things around from the hottest part of the fire to the cooler spots, without worry that items will accidentally slide or fall. * Grill and Fire Safe sold separately.
  • Nested Design – All components nest within the 2L Pot for ultimate portability. Cook Set comes with a drawstring storage bag that efficiently houses your entire kit and keeps the rest of your gear clean.


  • Materials:
    • The cooking equipment is made of 304 Stainless Steel, ensuring safety of use, even at high temperatures, and will age beautifully over time.
    • The chopping board is made from bamboo, an earth-friendly material that is durable and resistant to bacteria.
    • The storage bag is made from recycled nylon and the microfiber cloth is made from polyester.
  • Weight: 1.86 kg
  • Cooking Surface Dimensions:
    • Hibachi: 140mm W x 348mm L x 18mm D
    • Griddle: 140mm W x 348mm L x 24mm D
    • 2L Pot: 140mm W x 348mm L x 66mm D
  • 3 Year Post-Fire Guarantee: That means we’ll replace any part that isn’t functioning properly within your first year of reasonable use

What’s Included

  • Storage Bag – The recycled nylon storage bag conveniently houses your entire 9-piece cooking kit to maximize on space in your gear pack
  • 2Lt Pot – This lightweight cooking pot can be used as a water boiler for simple bush meals, or as a vessel for more robust one-pot dinners
  • 2Lt Pot Lid – Use the Pot Lid when you want to boil water faster, or for recipes where you want to retain the moisture
  • Griddle – A shallow and flat cooking surface that’s ideal for flipping foods such as eggs, pancakes or burgers
  • Hibachi – Get professional looking grill marks on your meat and vegetables using this small, portable barbecue grill
  • Cutting Board – Easily prep your ingredients outdoors with the bamboo Cutting Board. It’s dense enough to resist knife scarring and is water & bacteria resistant
  • Rail System – The Rail System has been custom designed to perfectly fit onto your Wolf + Grizzly Grill
  • Pot Gripper – Protects hands and fingers from getting hurt by hot pots & pans. Simply clamp onto the cookware and remove from the heat source
  • Microfibre Cloth – When used with water, microfibre cloths remove grease and dirt without the harmful chemicals

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Weight 2.05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 36 cm