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This 9-piece cooking multi-kit is designed for use with the Wolf + Grizzly Grill to cook directly over the campfire.

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The Best Campfire Cooking Equipment Australia

One of the best parts of camping is cooking over a campfire. Of course, it helps to have high-quality cooking equipment. When you are outdoors, and in the remote outback, you want equipment that is durable, easy to clean, and has good heat distribution to create delicious meals.

Quality cooking gear is essential for any Australian camper, whether making a simple campfire breakfast or a gourmet dinner. The 9-piece Cook Set from Wolf & Grizzly is an excellent, lightweight collection for campfire cooking.

Including a two-litre pot, griddle, and hibachi grill, the Cook Set is a complete meal solution. Use the pot for stews, pasta, and more. Set up the griddle for frying scrambled eggs or bacon, and use the hibachi grill for sliced vegetables and cuts of meat. This collection includes a carrying case, making it easy to transport your Cook Set to and from camp.

This 9-piece cooking multi-kit is designed for use with the Wolf + Grizzly Grill frame to cook directly over the campfire. Whether cooking for yourself or a few people, the 9-piece Cook Set is the easiest way to cook a complete campfire meal without bringing cumbersome traditional cookware. 

  • Pair with your Wolf + Grizzly Grill – Sets up quickly and easily, no complicated assembly required
  • Multiple Cooking Surfaces – Mix and match cookware for maximum versatility. The possibilities are endless: pancakes, stir fry, pasta, soups, and stews. Place the griddle under the hibachi as a grease-catcher for bacon or use the hibachi as a steamer for seafood when placed on top of the 2L Pot.
  • Stable Grilling System – Connect the custom Rail System to the WG Grill frame and insert the cookware. Use the Pot Gripper to move things from the hottest part of the fire to the cooler spots without worrying that items will accidentally slide or fall.*
  • Nested Design – All components nest within the 2L Pot for ultimate portability. Cook Set comes with a drawstring storage bag that efficiently houses your entire kit and keeps the rest of your gear clean.

*Grill and Fire Safe are sold separately.

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Cook Set Specifications

Wolf and Grizzly believe that all tools should be as functional as they are beautiful. Wolf and Grizzly products prioritise simplicity, long-lasting performance, and material durability. The Cook Set follows Wolf and Grizzly principles with all components of the set.


  • The cooking equipment is made of 304 Stainless Steel, ensuring safety of use, even at high temperatures, and will age beautifully over time.
  • The chopping board is made from bamboo, an earth-friendly material that is durable and resistant to bacteria.
  • The storage bag is made from recycled nylon, and the microfiber cloth is made from polyester.
  • Weight: 1.86 kg

Cooking Surface Dimensions:

  • Hibachi: 140mm W x 348mm L x 18mm D
  • Griddle: 140mm W x 348mm L x 24mm D
  • 2L Pot: 140mm W x 348mm L x 66mm D
  • 3-Year Post-Fire Guarantee: That means we’ll replace any part that isn’t functioning properly within the first 3 years of reasonable use.

All Outdoor Cooking Set Gear Included

The Grill Kit includes all of these essential items: 

The Cook Set is comprised of nine components:

  • Storage Bag – The recycled nylon storage bag conveniently houses your entire 9-piece cooking kit to maximise space in your gear pack
  • 2Lt Pot – This lightweight cooking pot can be used as a water boiler for simple bush meals or as a vessel for more robust one-pot dinners
  • 2Lt Pot Lid – Use the Pot Lid when you want to boil water faster or for recipes where you want to retain the moisture
  • Griddle – A shallow and flat cooking surface that’s ideal for flipping foods such as eggs, pancakes, or burgers
  • Hibachi – Get professional-looking grill marks on your meat and vegetables using this small, portable barbecue grill
  • Cutting Board – Easily prep your ingredients outdoors with the bamboo Cutting Board. It’s dense enough to resist knife scarring and is water & bacteria resistant
  • Rail System – The Rail System has been custom designed to fit onto your Wolf + Grizzly Grill perfectly
  • Pot Gripper – Protects hands and fingers from getting hurt by hot pots & pans. Simply clamp onto the cookware and remove it from the heat source
  • Microfibre Cloth – When used with water, microfibre cloths remove grease and dirt without the harmful chemicals

The Portable Campfire Cooking Kit

What makes the portable Cook Set better than the rest? Its sleek design and engineered convenience. Wolf and Grizzly have designed products that occupy a small space but provide huge useability.

As adventurers, the Wolf and Grizzly team created a cooking set that would provide everything needed to make a hearty outdoor meal. From including a chopping board for slicing up vegetables and meat to selecting three types of cooking implements – grill, griddle, and pot – Wolf and Grizzly have thought of everything.

Every piece of the Cook Set fits together like a glove. Whether setting up with the Wolf and Grizzly Grill frame to cook or packing everything away into the carrying case, you will immediately notice that every piece slots together perfectly. Store the griddle, chopping board, hibachi grill, rail system, pot gripper, and microfibre cloth inside the single 2-litre pot! Secure the pot lid on top and stow it in the nylon storage bag.

The high-quality materials used to make the 9-piece set, including stainless steel and treated bamboo wood, meaning you don’t have to worry about warping over time. As long as you follow the equipment care instructions, your Cook Set pieces will flawlessly interlock for a lifetime and age with a beautiful patina.

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How to Set Up Outdoor Cooking Station

When paired with the Wolf and Grizzly Grill, the Cook Set is intended to act as a mini camping cook station. When set up correctly, the Cook Set and Grill will allow you to make meals effortlessly like an outdoor cooking expert.

Here is our guidebook for setting up your compact camping kitchen using Wolf and Grizzly gear.

  1. Choose a good location: Make sure that fires are allowed where you have set up camp and that there are no fire bans in place. Find a clear area out in the bush or a dedicated campfire spot if you are at a campground, ensuring good shelter from the wind. Do not build a fire if conditions are dry and windy.
  2. Build your fire: If you are making a traditional fire on the ground, clear the area of dry fuel and stones, and dig a pit if you want to create a below-ground enclosed campfire. If you are using the Wolf and Grizzly elevated Fire Safe pit, ensure that the ground is relatively level before setting up the frame and inserting the base. Craft your fire using your preferred fuel of wood or coals, and build it up to a stable burn.
  3. Assemble Grill frame and Rail system: Unfold the Wolf and Grizzly Grill frame and place it over your campfire or fire pit, ensuring that it has four points of contact with the ground. Unroll the Rail System from your Cook Set, and unscrew the ends of each rail rod to pull out the support tabs for each corner. Fit the tabs into the slots atop the grill frame at the desired height, ready for your cookware.
  4. Allow cookware to heat up: The Wolf and Grizzly frame can fit up to two cookware items at a time. Suspend them on the Rail rods across the campfire. While the stainless-steel cookware is heating up, set up the rest of your cooking station. Find a good place to prepare your food, using the Cook Set chopping board, and ensure you have all your ingredients ready.
  5. Get cooking: Once you have prepared your ingredients and your cookware is hot, prep your cooking surfaces with oil or butter as required. Make sure the campfire has enough fuel, and cook up your feast.

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Campfire Cooking Guide

While good cooking comes with experience, there are plenty of steps you can take to improve your camping meals. Using high-quality equipment is a great start, but choosing the right cookware and temperature for the job is also important.

One mistake new outdoor chefs make is using the wrong cookware for the food they are trying to cook. It’s challenging to fry an egg in a pot and hard to make pasta in a pan. That is why we recommend bringing a multi-piece campfire set when out adventuring. You can make tastier food faster when you use the right equipment for the job.

Use the 2-litre pot and lid in the Wolf and Grizzly Cook Set to boil liquid-based foods such as stews, noodles, rice, or baked beans. You can also use the pot and lid for foods you would usually make in an oven, such as roast vegetables or camp bread.

Traditionally pan-fried food should be thrown into the griddle with oil or butter and braised to perfection. Anything that can be barbecued can be laid out on the hibachi to get those quick-sear grill lines. The hibachi is large enough to accommodate a surprising amount of food for its compact size, easily handling two small steaks, a few portobello mushrooms, or even a freshly-caught fish.

Combine different parts of the Cook Set to make new implements. For example, put the hibachi grill on top of the 2-litre pot filled with some water to create a campfire steamer.

Cooking at the right temperature means the difference between over-cooked, dry food and a delicious succulent meal. Controlling the temperature of your fire can be easily achieved with the correct methods, such as carefully adding more wood or coals to increase heat. The Rail System included in the Wolf and Grizzly Cook Set has built-in height adjustment tabs that allow you to lift or lower your cookware as required.

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