Cleanair Treatment


Refreshing and deodorising, ACOT500’s Cleanair Treatment is the ultimate air conditioning disinfectant. It effectively neutralises unwanted smells while eradicating bacteria, germs, mould and fungus.

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  • Effectively refreshes stale, musty air conditioning and heating systems
  • Helps provide a clean and healthy environment in just one application
  • Scientifically formulated to reduce airborne malodour by neutralising as well as deodorising
  • Kills bacteria and germs, and eradicates mould and fungus
  • Fine mist spray easily travels through entire air conditioning system including vents, filters, compressors and hoses
  • Can be used on automotive, evaporative and reverse cycle systems

Please note that this product cannot be shipped by air, so please do not select Express Post. It also cannot be shipped internationally.

Directions For Use


1. Shake well before use.
2. Place vehicle transmission into neutral or park and ensure handbrake is activated
3. Run engine and engage air conditioning system with fan speed set on high.
4. Set air conditioning system to fresh air or external air circulation mode.
5. Remove all filters.
6. Close car windows and doors. Locate AC system air intake at base of windshield wiper or at the firewall inside the engine compartment.
7. Spray and discharge product into all air intake vents. Suggested application for most circumstances is 1/3 of a can.
8. Switch air conditioning system to heating (if applicable) and repeat the discharge of product into all air intake
vents, taking care to avoid inhalation of the product.
9. Misting may appear in the cabin and this is normal.
10. Fragrance remains for a day or two and will subside indicating that the system has been treated.
NOTE: Do not remain in enclosed space following discharge and avoid excessive inhalation of product.