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Burn Module for the Modular First Aid Kit

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Replacement stock module for the Modular First Aid Kit containing a range of gel treatment products and dressings to rapidly cool the burn, helping to prevent further tissue damage and offer rapid and ongoing pain relief.

Please note: The bag size of this module is not compatible with the National Workplace First Aid Kit by First Aid Works. To convert for use with the National Workplace kit, simply place the contents of this module into your existing module bag.

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Qty Contents
8 Burn gel 3.5g sachet
2 Burn dressing 10 x 10cm
1 Polythene sheet small
1 Polythene sheet medium
1 Polythene sheet large
2 Conforming gauze bandage 7.5cm
2 Disposable nitrile gloves
2 Safety pin

All modules include detailed instructions for the appropriate first aid treatment. They also contain a comprehensive maintenance checklist ensuring the workplace kit remains serviceable.

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