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When you think of a typical outback hat to suit our Australian conditions, you think of a Newcastle Hat.

We have a huge range of styles to suit all types of weather conditions, outings and activities. The materials we use are built to withstand the Australian heat but also suit the cooler months. No need to worry, our designs have all things covered.

The heat of the Australian outback...not a problem for Newcastle Hats!

We carefully create each Newcastle Hat with only the top quality materials and design in mind. The materials we use are sourced from all around the world, but Newcastle Hats are custom made to your own measurements right here in Australia.
We are aware of how dangerous the Australian sun can be so we ensure that we meet and exceed Australian safety standards in all our designs. We care about your safety in the Australian sun and therefore build our Newcastle Hats from materials that contain a UPF protection rating. This means you get complete peace of mind to fully enjoy those true-blue outdoor activities such as cricket, horse riding, lawn bowls, bush walking, the beach and many more.

Newcastle Hats - Not only one style...but one for all!

That’s right. We have a plethora of styles and designs at Newcastle Hats. We not only stock unisex designs, but we cater for those distinguished ladies that want a feminie touch added to their hat.
Ladies can choose a hat that incorporates a conveniently designed hole to accommodate those braided or ponytail hairstyles, making the hat sturdy and extra comfortable to wear. We stock a variety of colours to match each purpose or outfit too. Additionally, you can opt to add some extra colour or style with a patterned headband scarf to make your hat stand out from the rest.