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Derma Guard - A modern solution to skin hygiene and skin protection in one.

Derma Guard, also known as Derma Shield in other parts of the world, is a revolutionary and internationally renowned barrier product that coats your skin with a breathable yet waterproof protective layer.

Where can I use Derma Guard?

Originally designed for the medical and industrial workplaces, Derma Guard has grown in popularity and is used across all professional industries as well as in homes for personal-use throughout Australia and beyond. The Derma Shield product is completely safe to use for people with all skin types and sensitivities. It shields and protects from almost every substance that your skin comes in contact with, including but not limited to water, gas, oil, dirt, paint, glue and other chemicals. It has even proven to relieve babies from nappy rash symptoms. It is also has top of the range formula keeping the most damaging elements away from your skin, preventing stains and odour retention.
The non-flammable and odourless Derma Shield cream doesn’t harm our environment, and has helped thousands of people by minimising the adverse reactions they would normally experience when in contact with daily irritants or germs. The barrier cream can be worn under makeup to protect the skin from allergies, or over sunscreen to give you that SPF protection we all need living in Australia.

Want to know more about Derma Guard?

Derma Guard is available in a cream or if you prefer a lighter consistency you can opt for the Derma Guard mousse. The mousse is formulated with quality ingredients that quickly get to work when applied to your skin, keeping it moisturised, nourished and protected for up to 4 hours. The non-greasy and non-sticky formula does not affect the skin’s ability to breathe or perspire and works wonders when washing your hands and removing the unwanted residue off your protected skin. Speak to our helpful staff for advice on how Derma Guard can benefit you, your family or work colleagues.