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Quality Wide-Brim Hats: Bigger Is Better!

Inside Out Safety are stockists of the finest quality wide-brim hats, offering you the best protection from the Australian sun. There’s no denying that there’s lots to love about the great outdoors but exposing yourself to harmful UV rays for any period of times can put your health at risk. It’s important to take great caution when it comes to staying protected from the harsh weather conditions we can experience here in Australia.

The range of wide-brim hats by Newcastle Hats not only offer protection from the sun, they are carefully designed to extend complete comfort and style. While smaller hat styles like caps, visors or bucket hats, don’t often provide sufficient protection, a wide-brim style hat that covers your face, ears, eyes and neck, will provide the vital precautionary measures in preventing constant exposure to harmful UV rays.

Wide Brim Hats Designed in Australia to offer UPF 50+ Excellent Protection Against the Sun

Inside Out Safety have a wide selection of wide-brim hats from Newcastle Hats, handcrafted with quality UPF 50+ rated materials that are sourced from all over the world. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor is the rating of certain fabrics, indicating how effective it can block Ultraviolet Radiation. It is an advanced technical measure that promotes safety and peace of mind to those who are constantly out in the heat of the sun. The fabrics are tested by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency and offer protection from 96%+ of the ultraviolet rays, allowing you to stay outside for longer.

Not only do are the fabrics used by Newcastle Hats rated to UPF 50+, but the majority of the designs are as well. The recently updated Australian Standards for “Sun Protective Clothing: Evaluation and Classification” require that the style and design of the hat also provide an appropriate level of sun protection. The brims in most of our styles are 9cm wide, providing ample protection to allow for the UPF 50+ rating. Other styles like the Hard Hat Brim or Quinn Bucket Hat are great examples of how the design of the hat allows for greater protection from the sun. A standard cap or visor, for example, is now unable to claim a rating for UPF protection as the very design offers poor protection from the sun.

Custom-Made Wide Brim Hats Made Right Here in Australia

Newcastle Hats are made to order, sized according to your specific measurements and requirements & handcrafted to perfection right here on Australian soil. The carefully chosen fabrics are meticulously structured to ensure durability, efficiency, and functionality. Newcastle Hats are a brand loved by by Australians for generations.

Unisex Styles To Suit Both Men & Women

Inside Out Safety stocks a selection of wide-brim hats that cater to the various style requests of men and women. Thoughtfully designed to suit individual needs, these contemporary hats withstand the Australian heat but also suit the cooler months too. The fabrics are breathable and of high-quality to ensure durability and comfort for long term wear.

Inside Out Safety are a company dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of sun protection. You’ll look good and feel good in your new wide-brim hat by Newcastle Hats, knowing you are well protected from all extreme weather conditions of Australia’s climate.

Inside Out Safety offer small custom runs as well as large corporate orders to suit your individual needs.

Our Wide Brim Hat Range