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Plugfones – Headphones to Protect Hearing at Work and Home

By April 19, 2023June 2nd, 2023No Comments

Do you want to protect your hearing, reduce background noise, and enjoy listening to your music?

Here at Inside Out Safety, we offer the best in-ear headphones for sport, work, and home in Australia: Plugfones! This article will take you through the entire Plugfones range, including the best application for each model and how you can use your safety headphones for work.

What are Plugfones?

Plugfones earbuds are certified to ANSI S3.19-1974 noise reduction standards and meet NIOSH criteria, and they have audio capability. Plugfones are stringently tested to meet Australian, U.S., and E.U. standards and provide a noise reduction rating of 27-29 dB, depending on whether you choose silicone or foam plugs. Plugfones are comfortable to wear with earmuffs in high-noise environments. 

Noise Reducing Earplugs Australia

Plugfones innovatively combines the safety of earplugs with the benefits of earbud audio while you work! With Plugfones, you can enjoy listening to music, podcasts, and more, while reducing environmental noise and protecting your ears. Plugfones are the best certified audio earplugs in Australia. 

Audio Earplugs for Home and Lifestyle

Plugfones aren’t just for work; they are perfect for home and leisure! Listen via Bluetooth while exercising, renovating, mowing the lawn, finishing projects, and more. Plugfones drastically reduce the noise levels from tools and equipment, kids at home, noisy neighbours, and even other people at the gym, allowing you to relax and get into your groove.

The entire Plugfones collection prioritises safety and comfort and uses the highest quality materials; this means Plugfones are wear-resistant and sweat-proof, so they won't slip or fall out while you enjoy your day.

Sensory Overload Hearing Aids

Plugfones headphones can be a valuable tool for individuals with autism and ADHD in managing sensory overload and enhancing focus in various environments. Sensory overload occurs when the brain receives an overwhelming amount of sensory information, leading to feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and difficulty concentrating.

What makes Plugfones so unique?

Plugfones are unique because they combine the functions of earplugs and headphones, providing a dual benefit for individuals with sensory sensitivities. They can be especially helpful in crowded places, public transportation, or noisy classrooms, where excessive noise levels can be overwhelming. Considering they also function as regular headphones, Plugfones allow individuals to listen to calming or preferred audio content. This feature provides an opportunity to create a personal soundscape, offering a sense of familiarity and comfort. Some people find listening to soothing music, white noise, or guided meditations beneficial in managing sensory overload and improving focus. Plugfones are a practical and accessible solution to alleviate sensory overload and improve concentration, allowing for a more comfortable and productive experience in various environments.

It’s important to note that while Plugfones can be a helpful tool for managing sensory overload and enhancing focus, they are not a substitute for professional therapies or interventions. They should be used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, therapists, or educators experienced in supporting individuals with autism and ADHD.

Best High Fidelity Earplugs Australia

Attending live events is a huge part of our lifestyle culture in Australia. Whether you go out every weekend or prefer to save your energy for a few big events each year, you may have wondered if you can improve your live event experience. High-fidelity ear plugs are the answer! 

High-fidelity earplugs improve audio at events by reducing unwanted background noise, such as crowd noise, and enhancing the music and performance sound. The Dynamics high-fidelity plugs by Plugfones deliver pure music to your ears at concerts, festivals, and live events, all while protecting your hearing so you can listen live for years to come!

Do Earbuds Provide Hearing Protection?

You might think that your regular music earbuds give you some hearing protection because they sit inside your ear and allow you to ignore the noises around you. However, standard audio earbuds do not provide certified hearing protection and should never be used in high-noise environments. 

Even earbuds marketed as noise-cancelling are not safe to use as hearing protection. Most noise-cancelling earbuds are not certified to reduce hazardous noise and only filter out ambient noise. These types of earbuds may also cause hearing injury due to their ability to play audio above 85 dB directly into the ear.

Only tested and certified earplug earbuds like Plugfones can provide genuine decibel reduction hearing protection. When used appropriately, Plugfones can reduce environmental noise levels to a non-hazardous range, meaning you can work and play without worry.

At What Decibel Level is Hearing Protection Required?

In Australia, hearing protection should be used when noise levels exceed 80 dB. Noise above this range is hazardous and can lead to injury or hearing loss. Hearing protection equipment must reduce noise to below 80 dB to protect the inner ear and prevent damage. 

The most common hearing PPE in Australia include earmuffs and earplugs, tested for compliance with hearing protection standards. For hearing PPE to work as intended, an assessment of the environmental noise must occur to know what hearing protection class is required to reduce noise to non-hazardous levels. For example, in a 100 dB noise environment, earplugs with a 27 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) will reduce the inner-ear noise to a safer range of 73 dB. 

with Mic In Ear

When you need to make and receive calls during the day, constantly removing your headphones, earmuffs, or earplugs can be annoying. Fortunately, Plugfones has the ultimate solution. The Freereign and Sovereign model Plugfones use a noise-isolating mic so you can talk while on the go. 

All Plugfones headphones with microphone use the latest technology to identify and isolate your voice, cancelling environmental noise and ensuring you won’t have to repeat yourself. Plus, Plugfones earbuds use a patented SoundSeal design to minimise external noise and provide complete call clarity. 

Wireless Headphones with Noise Cancelling In Ear

Going wireless means increased freedom while you listen. In-ear wireless headphones offer the ultimate immersive audio experience during work and play. Plugfones wirefree earphones use Bluetooth and NeverOut battery technology to deliver hours of high-quality audio play while protecting your hearing.

Whether you want true wireless earbuds or wireless headphones with a mic, Plugfones has the best audio and hearing protection options! 

Plugfones Range

Freereign Plugfones

Wireless Bluetooth Earplugs and Earphones all in one! Experience 12 hours of pure audio with 29 dB of noise reduction, choose from silicone or soft foam ear tips, take calls with a noise-isolating microphone, and enjoy fast charging! These classic tough Plugfones are ideal for construction sites and working out.

Sovereign Plugfones

The best Wirefree Bluetooth Earbud Earplugs for total freedom while you work and play. Sovereign Plugfones offer superior bass sound and clear treble, delivered through noise-isolating earbuds that reduce external noise by up to 22 dB. Includes mega battery life, charging case, isolating mic, and multiple ear tips! 

Sovereign Duo Plugfones

True Wireless Earbuds with two sets of plugs! The Sovereign Duo gives you all the benefits of the Sovereign model Plugfones plus infinite battery life because you can always have one set on charge. When one set runs out, simply swap and play! Choose from multiple sizes of silicone and foam ear tips, and enjoy the convenience of a soft carry case and hard charging case.

Dynamics High Fidelity Earplugs Plugfones

Earplugs for every situation! Two sets of noise-filtering earplugs, one for complete hearing protection and one for high-fidelity listening. Dynamics use interchangeable tips so you can choose the best noise-filtering earplug for the situation! Whether at a music festival, live show, on a construction site, or your motorbike, Dynamics plugs are a perfect choice!

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