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Plugfones – A Unique Earplug-Earbud Hybrid

By October 19, 2020October 29th, 2020No Comments

Headphones That Blockout External Sound, While Listening To Music

Plugfones earplug headphones are designed for situations when you want to block out sound and simultaneously listen to music.

So whether you want to listen to music while on the job around loud machinery, or at home while mowing the lawn, Plugfones can protect you from all loud and obtrusive noises happening externally.

They are perfect for individuals working in loud environments where hearing protection is a part of personal protective equipment that is required or recommended.

A Unique Earplug-Earbud Hybrid

Plugfones are the most unique and effective earplug-earbud hybrid, combining comfortable and noise-reducing earplugs with high-quality speakers.

Engineered to deliver quality music, and double as decibel reducing earplugs., these clever designs can provide an in-ear noise reduction of 27dB (silicone) and 29dB (foam).

They feature soft foam or silicone earplugs that are interchangeable, providing superior comfort levels for all ear types, are irritation-free and can be worn for hours at a time.

They are also sweat resistant to last longer than ordinary earplugs and come complete with a flexible and tear-resistant cable.

For environments with extremely high noise levels, Plugfones can be combined with over ear protection such as earmuffs, allowing you to continue to listen to your favourite tunes without risk to your hearing.

The Innovative Plugfones Technology

Plugfones implement innovative technology, only available in the range for your comfort and ease of use.

  • SoundSeal– a noise-suppressing technology minimises environmental noise to give you an immersive, unparalleled listening experience.
  • IsoTalk – built-in noise isolating mic that helps reduce noise for phone calls. The mic identifies, isolates and kills environmental noise for the person on the other end of the call can hear you clearly.
  • Quickdraw – control your music and manage calls with the Quickdraw Easy Access Control. Play or pause, answer or end calls, adjust volume, progress through songs at the press of a button.
  • Bluetooth® – when you’re hard at work, cables and cords get in the way. With Bluetooth Plugfones, you can listen to crystal-clear audio and benefit from hearing protection while free to move how you need to.

Plugfones are now available to purchase online at Inside Out Safety. Receive 10% off your first order when you use the coupon code: plugfones10 at checkout.

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