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Penguin 900 Safety Knife

By July 20, 2021July 22nd, 2021No Comments

Unique shape = Greater versatility

Inside Out Safety brings you the Penguin 900 from The Safety Knife Company - a versatile and ergonomic safety knife that is so much more than just a tape cutter!

Penguin 900

When you are working hard in a warehouse, office, or back of the house - whether you are sorting, packing, sending, or stock taking - you need to ensure you have the right safety knife working for you!
Penguin 900 is brought to you by Inside Out Safety. It is available in a metal detectable version which is perfect for food industries, is disposable and comes in a variety of colours.

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Safe and Ergonomic

The Penguin 900 is a safety knife featuring a sure-grip ergonomic handle, which prevents accidental damage by providing a stable gripping area, with built in knuckle protection. Two cutting edges (thanks to the moulded-in, carbon steel blades) extend the life of the safety knife, and an integrated tape cutter on the hilt of the knife adds to the versatility.

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Safe for you and wise investment for your employer!

Effective and Versatile

The Penguin 900 can easily cut tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and even cardboard. This uniquely shaped safety knife allows for safe, comfortable use - safe for you and wise investment for your employer.

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