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Keeping You Safe In The Workplace

By December 28, 2020No Comments

Wearing the right safety gear in the workplace is essential to reduce the risk of any accidents, especially when working around flammable materials.

With the right flame-retardant protective gear, you can establish a safer work environment for you and your work colleagues.

UVeto Australia is a specialist brand in sun protection products and have recently released flame-retardant hats in a range of styles. These hats are made from a Pro CFR Fabric with an ARC Rating of 11CAL/CM2 which means you will have complete protection to your head and neck areas.

Check out the individual styles below to see which option would best suit your specific needs.


This style can be attached to your hard hat or cap and is cool and comfortable to wear. With adjustable side coverage, it offers excellent UV protection. The Attach A Flap is machine washable and is made from a quick-dry material.

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The Hard Hat Flap easily attaches to the brim of any hard hat style with its elasticated attachment. This style is lightweight, cool and comfortable and features a 30cm neck flap.

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This style offers excellent UV protection with its releasable back panel for improved ventilation. The cover fits snugly over most hard hats and has a deeply curved peak.

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The Brim ‘n Shade adds exceptional sun protection to most hard hat styles. With a wider brim for extra protection and a generous neck flap, it is easy to attach for a secure fit.

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Shop the full range of UVeto Australia products now available at Inside Out Safety.

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