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First Aid Works – Redefined First Aid Kits by Inside Out Safety

By January 23, 2020No Comments

First Aid Works is an Australian owned and developed brand showcasing a unique range of quality first aid products.
Our ongoing research and development has resulted in a recently refreshed and upgraded range of first aid kits and modules strategically designed to promote ease of use in stressful first aid situations.

Our team has worked hard to develop an updated range of first aid kits which are classified by an easy to understand tier system, simplifying the selection process for your first aid requirements. Each kit is clearly labelled with our recommendations for use along with applications that they are ideal for. The packaging has also had a complete overhaul, creating more enticing and eye catching look.

First Aid Works first aid kits stand out among the crowd!

The whole range has been redesigned and overhauled from top to bottom with easy to remember kit names and new look packaging. The first aid kits are designed to make a statement, with their striking boxes and wraps. We have used both imagery and colour to draw the eye towards the products on the shelf – when your customers see the range, they will easily recognise the brand for their current and future first aid needs.

Selection made easy!
Complementing the new look kits we have also designed an easy to use kit selection guide. Simply select the location where the first aid kit will be primarily used and select the best suited kit to match.

*Disclaimer: The selection guide is a quick guide only. A full risk assessment should be conducted by a qualified personnel to ensure the correct kit is selected which meets the risks identified in each situation.

Better Look, Better Value, Better Range!
First Aid Works new range of kits look great – we are sure you will agree! With the redesign of the range, we have added a few extra kits which we know fill the gaps which existed in the past. With this new look and range, we now offer better value than ever. First Aid Works is simply, first aid that works!

Contact Inside Out Safety via chat, email or phone (08) 9295 1166 to find out more about our First Aid Works Range.

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