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In recent times, many Australians have taken full advantage of being able to explore the beauty of our own backyard.

With internal borders closed, more and more people are discovering exactly what lies right here on our doorstep, an opportunity many of us have taken for granted previously. So whether you are a seasoned camper or you barely know how to pitch a tent there are plenty of camping experiences perfect for you to spend your nights under the stars and your days adventuring in Australia’s great outdoors.

In the following articles, we will be discovering the best camping spots in each state and territory. We promise it will leave you wanting to book that next getaway! Let the exploring begin!

G’Day from WA!

With roughly 12,889km of pristine coastline, Western Australia has some of the best coastal camping spots in Australia, but WA is not just limited to having beautiful beaches for you to pitch a tent, it’s also home to some incredible landscapes inland including one of the most picturesque National Parks, Karijini.

This expansive state offers travellers so much to explore, but if you are short on time, you may find yourself torn between travelling north or south of Western Australia’s capital city, Perth. If you haven’t had the privilege of travelling much of WA, we recommend putting it on your bucket list. But you’ll definitely need time on your side, and lots of it!

Here are our top 5 spots for you to tick off!

Thomas River Camp

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Thomas River is located in the states south, in the Cape Arid National Park. This scenic park is best known for its stunning beaches, clear blue skies for much of the year and rocky headlands.

With an intriguing and diverse mix of flora and fauna there’s plenty to discover. Travellers can enjoy daily swimming, snorkelling and fishing in the crystal clear waters. There’s also bushwalking to enjoy and make sure you pack your camera to capture the stunning colours that surround you.

There is an option to camp at the top of the hill or right next to the Thomas River. The campsite itself is easily accessible by 2WD and offers a number of standard facilities including toilets, picnic tables and barbeques. If you are driving a 4WD you can drive onto the main beach too.

To the east you can explore Mount Arid and to the south you’ll find two amazing beaches, Little Tagon and Big Tagon. Little Tagon can be accessed by foot and Big Tagon by 4WD. This is ideal for those wanting to find their own piece of beach to sit back and relax or those more adventurous looking to fish and go diving.


Dwellingup is located not too far from Waroona Dam, another popular camping spot. It’s just over an hour drive south east of Perth.

There are a number of locations for you to set up camp, most of which fall in Lane Poole Reserve. Some sites are small and private, while others are large and open.

This camping spot is perfect for travellers at any time of the year with a variety of recreational activities. If you are here to explore there are streams, rivers and creeks just about everywhere you look, ideal for kids to play and adventure about.  You can also fish, swim, white water raft, and canoe along the Murry River or if you are hoping for a more chilled breakaway, there’s plenty of spots for you to bird watch or sit back and relax with a good book.

Linga Longa, Lynton Station

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Located in the states North approximately 5 hours from Perth, Lynton Station looks out towards the coastline and is situated just north of where the Hutt River flows into the ocean.

As a small working station, Lynton Station has a long and interesting history. Settled in 1853, it was the first convict depot north of Fremantle. 60 convicts were originally kept here to supply labour to a Lead mine nearby. It was closed in 1857 but there is still a range of old convict buildings that are being restored for future generations to experience.

The campsite features hot showers, flushing toilets, small kitchen and BBQ facilities. There is a spectacular set of dunes to relax on and enjoy the sun dipping over the horizon. The area is known for great fishing but there is a fair bit of wind all year round. The sand at the beach is pink and the Pink Lake, which is magical, is just up the road.

With Kalbarri, Hutt River Province and Lucky Bay all close by there’s plenty of day trips options for you to enjoy.

Windjana Gorge National Park

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The Gibb River Road in the Kimberley is packed full of incredible campgrounds but our favourite would have to be Windjana Gorge. As the sun sets for the day, the rock wall backdrop lights up the night sky.

The campground offers travellers access to flushing toilets and solar showers. Access to the picturesque Windjana Gorge is just a short work from the campsite and is one of the few places you will be able to see freshwater crocodiles. Bushwalking is the main activity here and you will catch sites of the natural wildlife including waterbirds, white cockatoos and fruit bats.

Travellers may also get to see fossils of shells and other marine creatures on some of the rock walls.

Karijini National Park

With its amazing red rock formations that surround complete picturesque waterfalls and gorges, Karijini National Park is definitely a magical destination.

The national park itself is quite large and the gravel roads throughout make it easy for most 2WD to access. Your camping options are either at Dales Campground or at the Eco Retreat which has glamping options. Hello, luxury!

There are plenty of gorges for you to explore each day at Karijini but due to the walking distances between each, it is recommended to enjoy this popular spot over several days. Fern Pool is an absolute must with its breathtaking scenery, and you can cool off with a refreshing swim once you arrive.

There you have it with our top 5 camping spots to check out in WA. Before you pack, be sure to read through our camping essentials guide that outlines the items you won’t want to forget.

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