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Bringing Safety to You

By July 21, 2017September 19th, 2017No Comments

The team at Inside Out Safety are really excited about the launch of our online store. We hope you find easy to use, and love our products as much as we do.

Inside Out safety stocks a wide range of fabulous products to keep you safe while out and about. This includes a range of vehicle safety lighting from ACOT500 – a premium range sourced from South Africa. We have everything from our coke can sized Tall Strobe Beacon up to our interestingly named Large LED Mini Bar. Our Premium LED Whip Aerial is perfect for your work vehicle or to help keep you safe taking the quad bike out on the dunes.

We also cover first aid – the First Aid Works’ range includes the intuitive modular first aid system perfect for large workplaces or the more hazardous of camping trips. The modular system is ideal for emergency situations – you simply grab the module that applies to your injury. Have a look at our National Workplace kits today.

From the UK we feature The Safety Knife Company’s range of high quality, heavy duty safety knives. Ideal for packaging, warehouse and even rescue applications. Our Sword Fish (SF9 BK) is the perfect rescue knife, able to cut through webbing, cable ties, and even rope. Our Penguin 900 (P900 GR) is a great addition to your warehouse – its easily opens packages without damaging the contents or the user.

One of our most exciting collections is Newcastle Hats. These durable handcrafted hats are made right here in Australia, and come in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles. They feature wide brims, and 50+ UPF rated fabrics, and can even be customised to suit your requirements. The Nullarbor Hat is available in safety colours for extra visibility, with a micro mesh gusset for a cooler wear, or even a breeze mesh gusset to let the breeze flow through.

While on the subject of sun safe headwear, we also offer sun safe products from UVeto Australia. The Gobi Over Hat (GBMOR) adds excellent sun protection to a hard hat, while our Sun Safe Gloves protect the back of your hands from harmful UV. We also have the best fly net in town in our Easy View Net (EVN).

This is just a few of our quality ranges. Take a look at our Derma Guard skin protectan, Guardsman Gloves, Glove Guard clips and accessories, Bottlechock cylinder restraints and VISIONSafe eyewear!

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