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Blackjack Hard Hat Clips

By August 11, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

BLACK JACK - Dependable Hard Hat Clips

Dependable in even the toughest conditions!

BlackJack Hard Hat Clips For Your Safety

BlackJack Industrial Hard Hat Clips are a game-changer safety innovation for anyone in any industry who wears a hardhat and works in low light or dark environment with a headlamp, or needs a convenient way to secure goggles and other accessories.

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The BlackJack Industrial Hard Hat Clip was developed to aid handsfree lighting!

Handsfree Lighting

The BlackJack Industrial Hard Hat Clip was developed to aid handsfree lighting – where you need a flash light but also a pair of hands to do your job safely and correctly.

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For Any Industry

Designed and developed in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA by a professional firefighter to aid visibility during gruelling and dangerous emergency situations, the BlackJack Hard Hat Clips have become an essential piece of safety gear. They are invaluable not only in firefighting but also in other industries like mining and construction.

Designed for any industry:
  • Construction
  • Firefighting
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Lumber
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Work Hands Free

Do you work in a hardhat and need to operate hands free without holding a torch?

Why don’t you try one of our BlackJack Hard Hat Clips!

We are confident you will love them and never look back!

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