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Australian standard for storage and handling of gases in cylinders

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Did you know that all Australian states and territories are regulated by the Australian Standard “AS 4332 The Storage and Handling of Gases in Cylinders”?

Most accidents and injuries in Australia involving cylinders occur during the handling and transportation of gas cylinders. There are specific regulations and recommendations set out in this standard that you as an individual, or business, shall comply with if you intend to store or move gas cylinders.

Gas cylinders can be heavy, bulky, dangerous to transport, and awkward to store when the right equipment and care is not practiced.

To give you peace of mind, and prioritise your safety, we have chosen Bottlechock as our preferred provider of storage and transport solutions for gas cylinders. Now you may wonder why we chose, and why you should choose Bottlechock?

Why choose Bottlechock?

Firstly, we all know that Australia is a country with highly regulated standards and strict procedures. For this reason we are proud to say that Bottlechock is an Australian owned company that has been around for more than 25 years. Approximately 98% of Bottlechock components are manufactured in Australia which provides greater quality control when it comes to safety. All Bottlechock products are registered as Australian-made and assembled in a warehouse in the outer suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Now this in itself is something to be very proud of. Bottlechock create jobs locally in Australia rather than outsourcing the construction of its safety products. This fact alone creates greater trust in the Bottlechock brand among our customers.

Bottlechock products can be used across all industries, ranging from health campuses, construction sites, workshops, agriculture, manufacturing, diving and the defense sector. Most notably Australia has a large mining industry where about 95% of its mining sites would use a Bottlechock product to secure and transport their gas cylinders. Inside Out Safety supply all industries with Bottlechock cylinder brackets, restraints and transport trolleys for all your cylinder storage requirements.

As per the Australian Standard, a gas cylinder should never be lifted by its cap, rolled or dragged and therefore a correct mechanical device should be used in all transport situations. Bottlechock has both single and multiple cylinder store trolleys, which means cylinders are easily mobile at any time, with flexible, quick release designs that help to easily snap the cylinders into place. Additionally, when transporting a gas cylinder between multiple floor levels, the cylinder should be securely strapped into a lift on its own without a person accompanying it. Another useful feature of a Bottlechock trolley that turns this tedious task into a quick and simple process.

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Using a Bottlechock in a vehicle

Bottlechock brackets are made from either galvanised or stainless steel brackets that can be easily installed and securely fastened to either a wall or vehicle. According to the standard, gas cylinders should ideally remain upright and are not permitted in the main body compartment of a vehicle. Cylinders must be firmly fastened on the back of a utility tray and for this purpose, Bottlechock provides a range of horizontal and vertical restraints to prevent cylinders from rolling around if transported lying down. Please take note that the standard also recommends wait times for gas to settle before cylinders should be used.

Bottlechock cylinder restraints are purpose built from non-abrasive materials that will not scratch the cylinder markings, paintwork or racking system in accordance to the Australian Standards. Restraints should never be placed around the valve or neck of a gas cylinder. Preferably, the restraint should be fitted around the body of the cylinder at a height that will prevent the risk of the cylinder from falling over. With one pull of an innovative Bottlechock buckle strap, cylinders can be quickly replaced or removed. This useful feature is necessary in the case of an emergency, especially when fast access to a fire extinguisher is required!

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